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Solidworks keeps losing references on similar assemblies

Discussion created by Brian Jay on Aug 29, 2016
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I have 2 assemblies that are similar (one larger "heavy duty" size, one smaller size), with similar component and subassembly names, but they are in completely different file locations.  I have edited the references in the assemblies several times, but if I open both assemblies at the same time (for purposes of comparison), whichever one opens second loses its references to 2 particular components and they disappear from the assembly.  It doesn't matter which one opens 1st - the 2nd one to open loses its references.  And again, the referred components are completely different unshared models in different file locations - only with similar names.

If I open the assemblies separately, all is well.


Seems glitchy.  Should not be a need to rename files, right?  File paths are miles apart.


Not even sure what I'm asking for here as far as a resolution.  It's just weird.