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Projected Curve - Using multiple open/closed profiles (i.e., TEXT)

Question asked by Doug Seibel on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Elmar Klammer

This is another one of those "how dang long do we have to wait until we can do something this dang basic" questions.


Putting text on things so that it can be easily exported, programmed, & cut.


No, I'm not talking about fancy emboss/deboss of text.  I'm talking about very simple "single line" font text that is put onto surfaces/faces as curves so that it exports nicely and thus imports into whatever CAM software is being used.  And here is the other requirement...WITHOUT DISSOLVING!!!  When text is dissolved, it is no longer linked/driven by parameters.  When I change the material, detail #, job #, etc., on a job I want the text to be parametric and automatically update/change.  Dissolve makes the text "stupid".


Yes, I am aware that the Wrap  command will do long as the font is not "single line", like the one I have attached.  Also, Wrap essentially works by splitting the surface/face (much the same as Split Line - Projection)...which means any downstream features referencing that face will be messed up if the text changes.  (It is also a feature that severally slows down rebuild times.)


Solidworks has the "tools" for making this work perfectly...the Projected Curve command (using the "Sketch on faces" option).  The problem with that command is that it only works when there is ONE profile in the sketch...the profile can be open or closed, but there can only be ONE in the sketch.  That instantly makes it useless for text.  If the Project Curve command worked with multiple open/closed profiles, it would be perfect for putting curves on parts for engraving.  Things like text, date grids, & such things could be put in as curves & exported to the CAM software.


So...will this ever get fixed.  Or has it been fixed...but you have to know the right/new command to use?


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