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    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Feature Requests

    Brian Hillner

      Hello Visualize Community,


      Some of you have asked me to create a single forum post where all global Visualize users can request product features for future releases, and bounce these ideas off each other. This post is that very singular place! Please add you new feature requests, workflows and innovative ideas for the Visualize product line. Let the discussions begin!


      For User Interface (UI) requests, please see this separate Forum thread.


      More important than this forum post, please also create an Enhancement Request for each request you have, in addition to posting it here. Please follow the steps below to submit a proper Enhancement Request to communicate your idea to the SOLIDWORKS R&D team.


      1) Sign into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and then click the "Enhancement Requests" link.

      2) Type a title for your new feature request, to see if someone has already logged that same exact idea (if yes, you can add your comments to their feature request!)

      3) If it doesn't already exist, you can click a direct link to properly submit your new Enhancement Request.



      Thanks and happy rendering!


      Brian HILLNER

      SOLIDWORKS Visualize | Product Manager

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          Alan Sweetenham

          Nice idea Brian, there is an interesting discussion on this in the beta forum started by Rob Rodriguez also, I have a few ideas even after seeing all the cool stuff in 2017.


          It would also be useful once people have raised an enhancement and goes to an SPR # to post the number and description here. Others can then vote for those that they feel are useful. It can be hard to find the one you are after in the Knowledgebase/ enhancement requests search unless you know exactly how the user who raised it described what they are after.



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            Alan Sweetenham

            Ok Here are my first few to get you started, i've taken quite a few from Composer, i know i keep banging on about it but it faces/faced alot of the same challenges Visualize does. I've got loads more but having a 3 week old daughter has meant i've not been thinking SOLIDWORKS much lately ;-)



            - Easy Mode- add simplified Right click > Edit Appearance and Edit Environment Rotation and perhaps background.  right now this is too limited just by these slight omissions for many people to use for example if they want to change a colour of an appearance. I don't see this having many options maybe just a subset of what is there in "normal mode"


            - Ability to Animate between Configurations, e.g. hide/show, change colours etc to demonstrate variants of a product. Even just the ability to easily animate between two different appearances would be a great start.you can animate appearance properties but thats not quite as easy.


            - Option to set pivot in centre of part, edge of part as per composer &/or curve detection mode to allow more complex animation, right now it is almost impossible to animate some parts, you just have to "eyeball" the pivot point. Not such an issue for SOLIDWORKS user going forward but for those without SOLIDWORKS access it would be a great addition


            - Import Configs/Display States from SOLIDWORKS as Groups. Until full support for configs is added would it be easier if you could then import one config containing everything you need and then hide/show using these groups.


            - Copy Transformation/ copy animation path as per composer. Situation, you want to move one component x amount and then copy it's motion to 1 or more components. Easy in Composer



            I'll add more detail and SPR numbers when i have time.

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              Peter Hildebrandt

              Hi, here´s my wishlist:

              - Tilt/Shift Camera

              - increasing the span between the values in the depth of field option.For little Dof the span is very small

              - when using mutiple Viewports, the user can define the rendered viewport,e.g. when positioning physical lights, i use

                two views.One with the Render Camera and one for position the light.The preview mode is always shown in the active view.

                It would be much smoother, moving the light in raster mode and see the result in preview mode through the Render Camera.

              - Appearances grouping

              - procedural textures

              - hidden objects don´t cast shadows

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                Scott Ellery

                Hi Brian ,


                actual geometry manipulation in Visualize would be great , this could tie in nicely with the motion studies export as well for thing slike springs or soft goods.