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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Feature Requests

Question asked by Brian Hillner Employee on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2020 by Luke Thompson

Hello Visualize Community,


Some of you have asked me to create a single forum post where all global Visualize users can request product features for future releases, and bounce these ideas off each other. This post is that very singular place! Please add you new feature requests, workflows and innovative ideas for the Visualize product line. Let the discussions begin!


For User Interface (UI) requests, please see this separate Forum thread.


More important than this forum post, please also create an Enhancement Request for each request you have, in addition to posting it here. Please follow the steps below to submit a proper Enhancement Request to communicate your idea to the SOLIDWORKS R&D team.


1) Sign into your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal and then click the "Enhancement Requests" link.

2) Type a title for your new feature request, to see if someone has already logged that same exact idea (if yes, you can add your comments to their feature request!)

3) If it doesn't already exist, you can click a direct link to properly submit your new Enhancement Request.



Thanks and happy rendering!



SOLIDWORKS Visualize | Product Manager