Henrik Faltstrom

Saving as eDrawing causes severe dalay

Discussion created by Henrik Faltstrom on Sep 24, 2008
When I try to save a part or a simple assembly as an eDrawing it takes a very long time before the file actually gets written to disk.
First, after I select eDrawing as file type, there is a 2-minute delay.
Then, when I choose file name an click Save, there's another 2 minutes.

I work remotely with a SW license borrowed from our corporate license server. I have noticed that opening a VPN connection reduces the delay to about 15 and 30 seconds.
Due to network issues I cannot keep a VPN tunnel open to the server at all times.

I have also tried to borrow the eDrawing license separately, but the server wouldn't allow it.

I have checked "Disable SolidWorks Network License" in the eDrawings setup, but the delay is still there.

Any ideas?

My setup is SW 2008 Office Premium SP4.0 + eDrawings 2009