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    Macro icons in 2016

    Scott Stuart

      I'm working on rolling out SW2016. With the interface change, all of my custom macro icons look like crap. They are 16x16 bitmaps and don't scale well in the new UI. I have dozens of them, and I hate to have to redo them, but I'm embarrassed to roll it out like it is. What is the best way to design them so they look good in all of the various scaling options?


      Also, I was amazed to see that there is no option for using vector images on the macro buttons. The rest of the interface scales so nicely, why not my macro icons?


      Btw, I'm on SW2016 sp 3.

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          Paul Salvador

          ... so, I'll guess you will get a very convoluted answer..  and, with all the time/money spent on this.. it makes it so much more.. should I say,.. note worthy (as in $$$$)..... yes,.. why?    (hand in popcorn bag....)


          (sorry, just a annoyed user,...and, would LUV to have your 16X16 on my 1920x1200 and 1920x1080 screens which I've used in many releases... ).

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            Tom Spine

            Just following up on this so that others can know...


            Stuart, thank you for getting this submitted as an Enhancement Request. You are right that there is no way for you to specify good DPI scaling images in the Customize Macro Button user interface. And there should be. I have created SPR 981424 for this, and assigned it to your Enhancement Request.


            In the meantime, however, your best option is to have your macro buttons at the size you most expect them to be used. For example, if the Windows Display Scaling setting is 100%, then SOLIDWORKS uses icons that are 20x20, 32x32, and 40x40 for the small, medium, and large icon sizes respectively. If the DPI setting is 150%, in contrast, then the sizes for small, medium, and large are 32x32, 40x40, and 64x64. Until SPR 981424 is addressed, unfortunately you have to choose one size.


            I might note also that the while the underlying source files we use to develop the icons are vector based, the images used in the user interface are raster exports from the vector sources (with some editing of the smallest 3 sizes for optimum quality). Thus, we actually ship six different sized icons (20x, 32x, 40x, 64x, 96x, 128x) for toolbar and CommandManager icons, and select among those sizes depending on the DPI and icon size settings.


            I wish I had better news for you for the short run. I completely agree with you -- your macro buttons should scale as nicely as the rest of the icons.