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Forum Noob here - Rendering Brightness Issues

Question asked by Tim White on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by Michael Lord

My first forum question! 7 year self-taught user.


I currently use SW 2016 to design carbon fiber guitars, so I have to render pretty dark wood and satin black surfaces a lot.


Photoview 360 is driving me nuts by always rendering surfaces way too bright. Satin black surfaces have to be set to 0,0,0 black, with all surface brightness, reflectivity, specularity and scene illumination settings put either to zero or just the lowest possible setting.  This gives me acceptable black surfaces.  But any wood I choose renders looking like balsa wood with wax paper glued to it. I tried making some dark wood decals as a work-around, and they look beautiful in SW rendering, but PV360 makes them look like dirty wax paper, again regardless how aggressively I try to minimize all part and scene lighting settings.  (Full Disclosure - I am an optical engineer with a career in creating illumination solutions for imaging objects with uneven specular surfaces.) I just want to be able to take a basic wood appearance, say unfinished rosewood, apply it, then tweak its to some nice darker shade and and maybe add a bit of specularity, and save the new appearance.  Just can't do it. Help!