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Configure component is slow - 168 configurations/70 mates

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

I have an assembly with about 168 configurations and about 70 mates. When I built the assembly I did most of the work on one configuration only. Now that I am almost done a lot of my mates are suppressed in most the other configurations. To remedy this I have selected all the mates and tried to use "Configure Feature" to unsuppress all the mates in one shot. The issue is that it is taking WAY LONG. I thought "No problem, I'll just do it overnight." It was still calculating and using about 50% of my 8 cores in the morning.


The assembly is way too large to post and I couldn't anyway because of confidentiality policies.


In general, does anybody with assembly experience had some suggestions for getting all my mates working on all my configurations without a supercomputer?


Assembly info:

Previous Version References  The files for all the components of the assembly have been updated to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS.

Large Assembly Mode  The total number of resolved components in this assembly is 636, the large assembly threshold is 1000 components. Large assembly mode is off.

Mate  419 mates are evaluated when this assembly is rebuilt.

In-Context Relationship Conflict  Instances of subassembly components have in-context relationships to multiple configurations.

In_Context Circular References  A report of the last assembly rebuild is available, showing time taken by significant components and features.

Total number of components in assembly 636

Parts: 548

Unique Part Documents: 63

Unique Parts: 62

Subassemblies: 88

Unique Subassemblies: 30

Unique Subassembly Documents: 21

Maximum Depth: 4

Number Of Top Level Components: 31

Resolved Components: 603

Resolved Documents: 84

Lightweight Components: 0

Suppressed Components: 33

Hidden Components: 0

Virtual Components: 0

Envelope Components: 0

Number Of Bodies: 665

Number Of Total Evaluated Mates: 72

Top Level Mates: 72

Flexible Subassembly Mates: 0

Note: Components of suppressed subassemblies are excluded from these statistics.