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Can I lock or set a sketch to "read only?"

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by John Pesaturo

Hi all,


I have a new (replacement) part with 9 snaps that needs to interface with an existing part in the field.  I cannot use in context locations for the snaps, so I have their locations fully dimensioned as points for use in a sketch pattern.  My fear is that they will move (somehow - another user down the road? inadvertent drag? mis-click on an edited dimension...?) For my piece of mind, I would like to at least make it a little more difficult to move these points.


I would love a "right click -> lock" or "read only" or "protect" (like Excel...) - but that does not exist.

But maybe I can use some other feature of Solidworks?

Does anyone have a method for protecting a sketch? Is there something in Blocks, or maybe the Anchor relation...?


Just looking for some ideas.  Thanks!