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Import Excel Table and link Annotations to parts

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Aug 26, 2016

I'm using CircuitWorks to import a .emn file from my Electrical Engineer (EE), and build my solidworks model. I've built a library of connectors used for the import containing part numbers to each connector in their custom properties. I use the Annotate Components tool to add the reference designators (example J16) to the connectors on the board. I need to take it a step further.


The EE also gives me an excel spreadsheet containing a description for each reference designator. Each of my library Items contain the part number, and in the assy, the reference designator. I would like to use the spreadsheet to cross reference reference designator (Part Reference) to the Function Description (Function/ part connected), and add that to the drawing as a note with a leader line to each connector, or a balloon.


Right now, after Annotating my assy, while still in the Assy, I add Notes to each component, manually reference the spreadsheet, and fill in the notes. Then import the notes into the drawing. I just want to remove the manual part of that process. Any thoughts???