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Combining Surfaces

Question asked by Alan Bumbaugh on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by Alan Bumbaugh

I am trying to combine multiple surfaces in order to cut up to this combined surface in 1 cut. I have used the cut to surface multiple times. The issue is that I need to replicate this for 4 cavities.

the surface consist of 41 repetitions of straight surface and 3 tangent radii.

The purpose of all this is to correct a mold cavity to compensate for differential shrinkage caused by glass orientation.

I have tried to insert the original part back into the cavity and cut using the mold Cavity command, only to get unable for Geometric conditions.

Grey lines indicate area involved for cavity detail.


Surface Sweep Profile.jpg

Below shown the 1/41 section.


Cavity Detail.jpg

Currently I am only able to complete this as a section, which I need to duplicate 41 times in this cavity and 3x for the additional cavities.

I am hoping to reduce the number of steps required.

I have not done much in surface work, are there other solutions to accomplish what I am trying to achieve?