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Creating bondwires, problem with twisting sweep

Question asked by Szymon Bęczkowski on Aug 26, 2016

We are creating and modelling power modules at the university. I am trying to correctly model bond wires in the power module. I can create straight wires by just sweeping a profile, but whenever we use a bent bonding pattern I come into trouble with modelling.

I use a 3D sketch to represent a bond wire profile. This shape is linked to a power module assembly, where the placement of bond feet is defined. The bond feet are then linked together to form a 3D sketch of the whole path.

I then sweep the path with a rectangular profile (simple profile helps with further FEM analysis) to get the bondwire. The problem is when the bond wire pattern bends (looking from the top). The swept profile twists and the bond foot is not flat on the semiconductor in the assembly. I keep the profile tangent to the path to keep the bond wire cross section constant.

I tried controlling the twist along he path, but I cannot create a correct guide curve.

Do you have any tips on how I can control the twist in the wire?

The offending part is here: