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Can pdm standard be setup to increment revision on checkin similar to the way workgroup PDM behaves

Question asked by Andrew Hall on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by Craig Schultz

We are a very small company(2 solidworks users) starting to use pdm standard, we have both come from a company using workgroup pdm and would like to implement a revision system similar to the way work group works, that is every time we check the file in a revision property is incremented.


It seems the PDM standard version number behaves in a way we could use as the revision, is there a way to show the pdm file version number as a custom property to be put on drawings?


If not, is there a way to set up a circular workflow that automatically changes states and every time a state is changed it increments a revision property?


Is any one else out there transitioning from workgroup to pdm standard experiencing the same issue?