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Difficulty converting surfaces to single sheet metal component

Question asked by John Ehringer on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by Dennis Bacon


Ive spent quite some time trying to solve this issue but cannot figure it out.

I am trying to create a sheetmetal 'box' comprised of 4 sheets welded together: The bottom is flat, the top has 2 basic bends, but the side is a little more complex.

The surface between the absolute sides and the tube in my project is non planar, so I converted it to two separate surfaces using two planes and knitted all the side panel surfaces together.

While the surface between the absolute side and the tube is very barely non planar, it requires the creation of multiple planes to create flat surfaces.

The issue I am encountering is that after the surfaces are generated and knitted, when I try to convert to sheet metal I get an error saying that it could not create the bends of given radius (regardless of how small I set the bend radius).

No matter how I edit the sheet metal conversion parameters, I cant get it to generate the piece.

Anyone got an idea of how I could fix this issue?


Thanks!File is attached.