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Sticker Dimensions and BOM Quantity

Question asked by Andrew Holowack on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Steven Dod

Hi Everyone,


I have been looking for a solution for a problem we have with stickers or decals. I found some forum post asking a similar question but since it was last asked in 2011 I thought I would try again and see.


We have a variety of stickers we want to include in our assemblies. We want to be able to easily add and position the stickers, have the stickers be included in the BOM, and we would like to be able to add dimensions in our drawing to dictate the placement.  Is there any way to accomplish all of this?


From what I have read a decal can't be included in the BOM by itself but seems like the best way to easily add these stickers to non-planar surfaces.


Any help is appreciated!