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    Skin of ribbed/formers wing/fuse??

    S. A.



      I am trying To make a wing/fuselage mold, but I have issues on making a specfic thickness skin around the ribbed wing and formers of the  fuselage .


      how do I add a x# thickness skin to ribbed wing and fuselage formers?


      does anyone Have an easy way of making a plane?


      I was using devfus and DevWing applications but they are not useful as they output STL files, I tried converting them but it's not useable or sometimes I have scale issues. I don't want to risk it of spending time and money to try machining those converted files.



      when I try to make the fuselage and wings I usually add separated planes with different size ribbed/formers then extrude cut for lightening and spars. Then for the skin I don't know what to do....

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          Mark Kaiser

          Offset surface?  Then thicken the surface?

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            Chris Dordoni


            I interpret what you have said as the wing structure has already been created.


            I'm assuming your sections have already been at regular or equal intervals. In my experience, not just with SolidWorks, but from nurbs modeling in general, its difficult to create a fair surface that varies in curvature by using sections with regular/equal spacing.


            To put it another way, it might be preferable to create the "skin" first, and then derive the sections at specific intervals from that. I'm not saying you have wasted your time if you have created the structure first. While it is possible to work from the existing sections, you might find yourself going back to make adjustments to some of the cross sectional shapes to create a skin that does not have any bumps/kinks/bulges.


            If its possible to post your file, I'd be happy to take a look at it.

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                S. A.

                Here is the my first fuse internally, I tried offset 0.3mm then loft but i keep on getting errors...


                I tried a version without spars alignment and cuts it worked, i just needed to look into the curve guide.

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                    Chris Dordoni

                    The circle to rounded rectangle transition worked better as a boundary surface. I did have to break the circle into sections to match the fillets on the rectangular cross section.


                    Note your cross sections are not solids (except for the circle). How did you create these?


                    I exported an IGS file from your file from 2016 (I don't have 2015 installed), and imported into 2014, and was able to create solids from some of the surfaces. The cross sections are all missing surfaces where they are notched.

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                        S. A.

                        so here how I made that fuse


                        1. sketch rectangles for main shape then copied to the other panels, then I extrude every panel sketch.

                        2. Sketch center rectangle for spars 4 places (copy the sketch to another new part to make a spar) then extrude cut 120cm just longer than the fuse as I don't know how long is it

                        3. Sketch for the the center rectangle for the supporting main and tail spar (copy the sketch to another new part to make a spar) then extrude cut.

                        4.then I mated the spars I made in assembly.



                        not sure if this is the best way but I'm learning, and I wont give up.


                        just quick question, if I wanted to make  circle then I added lines to make it edgey like triangles around it then extrude it without errors how? merge them? Relation?

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                    Anna Wood

                    I am assuming you have a desired wing airfoil and planform?


                    We start with the airfoil wing skin surface first (inner or outer), built to the desired planform, root and tip rib.  Thicken to the desired thickness.   Then build the wing structure inside of that envelope.