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Skin of ribbed/formers wing/fuse??

Question asked by S. A. on Aug 25, 2016
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I am trying To make a wing/fuselage mold, but I have issues on making a specfic thickness skin around the ribbed wing and formers of the  fuselage .


how do I add a x# thickness skin to ribbed wing and fuselage formers?


does anyone Have an easy way of making a plane?


I was using devfus and DevWing applications but they are not useful as they output STL files, I tried converting them but it's not useable or sometimes I have scale issues. I don't want to risk it of spending time and money to try machining those converted files.



when I try to make the fuselage and wings I usually add separated planes with different size ribbed/formers then extrude cut for lightening and spars. Then for the skin I don't know what to do....