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Modified version of Revision Block Control macro (created by Matt Lorono)

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by Paul Robertson

In the discussion "What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread. it was requested that I share my modified version of the Revision Block Control macro written by Matthew Lorono in 2008.


The changes I have made are mostly denoted with comments in the code. The things that are NOT commented are when there is a list of specific text items that are company specific.


Probably shouldn't have to say this but... my coding ability is amature level at best. I offer this code with ZERO suggestion that it might work for you. I made the updates to this a long time ago and remember little. If it doesn't work for you, don't call. Dig into it and learn it just like I had to. Grumpy doesn't even begin to....


Changes I made:

  • Updated to work in 32 & 64 bit environments
  • Created ICON (attached)
  • Revision letter forced to Upper Case

My company-specific mods (most people will not want these):

  • Approval Initials in the *.ini file
  • Prefill of the description set to "Released", "Obsolete", "Superseded", "ECO", plus our ECO numbers are date-centric so I have some logic that will generate an ECO### based on today's date.
  • We use the watermark text on our drawings. There is some logic that will change or remove the watermark depending on the revision. Specifically, the watermark is linked to a drawing custom property and that custom property is changed.
  • A drawing custom property called CheckDate is modified to when the latest revision is pushed.
  • The drawing custom property "Description" is copied to the Summary Keywords, Title, Subject
  • Additional concatenated text is placed in the Summary Comments area.


Our Revision A is always the initial release of the drawing. With this macro I can click the icon or press my hot key and then press:

     Tab; a; Tab; r; Tab, d; Enter

With that I have created a revision table entry for Revision A, Released, DCH, today's Date. I have updated my custom property of when the drawing was checked, changed my watermark from "Preliminary" to blank, and updated the summary keyword, title, etc. described above.


This has been very useful for me.