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Bulk replace file reference

Question asked by Clint Gabrielson on Aug 24, 2016

Is there is way to replace all references to a file with a different file name?


Many of our common use hardware is duplicated multiple times due to poor file management in the early days of our company.  Rather than link to the existing part file, engineers would often do a pack & go, adding a space at the end of the file.  For instance, one such part number is duplicated four times as follows:



23-1234 .sldprt

23-1234  .sldprt

23-1234   .sldprt


Rather than go and update file references for every single assembly, I'd want to see if there is a way to "globally replace" a file reference with a different file name.  In the example above, I want to replace any references to the last three files, such that they will now refer to the first file.  The last three would then be deleted manually.


Thank you!