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Question asked by Robert Hussong on Sep 24, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2008 by Robert Hussong
I have been going through the SW'08 Tutorials for about a week and a half now, and have been using SW to convert mm to inches and vice versa.

Next week I start the online training that SW offers and received a SolidWorks Premium manual. In lesson two, they want the user to open a new part and click on the Part_mm template which is found within the Training Templates Tab on the New SolidWorks Document dialog box.

The problem is, my dialog box does not have that tab. The SW help does not specify how to open/load the tab, the manual that I received does not give any other instructions to this and I have not found this topic refernced anywherre in the Forums.

Can someone please instruct me as to how to get this tab to show up?