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Trying to understand BOM Config Grouping

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by Sarah Dwight

So I am trying to understand BOM Part Config Grouping and am a little mystified.


I have a 2 part assembly with 3 configurations(assy), 1 parent 2 children. I only want a BOM for the 2 child configs.

Not hard, I just unchecked the parent configuration.


The main difference between the child configs is the bottom has 2 configurations(part), A and B. The top is part C which has only 1 config.

So I want an assembly BOM to include all 3 parts.


When I choose "Display all configurations of the same part as one item" I get the expected result of one item line and one item number.

But the description changes to that of the other configuration... which is unexpected! Why does it do that? Is there a way to choose which part number is shown?? or which description??


When I choose "Display configurations of the same part as separate items" I get the expected result of multiple item lines, but unexpectedly only one item number!!


When I choose "Display configurations with the same name as one item"  ...I don't really know what to expect because when would I have configurations of the same name?? Yet I get the result of multiple item lines and multiple item numbers, which  is what I desire.