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    Trim Surface Losing Selections?

    John Cochrane

      I am trying to collect reproducible cases of Trim Surface selection failures.

      MArk Biasotti and I have heard many times of problems with Trim Surface loosing track of its selections and failing in resonse to some change in the part above the trim in the FM tree or even a change in the graphical display of the part. So far We have been unable to reproduce this internally.

      We are hoping you can help either by posting a recipe here or by send parts which exhibit the problem.


      John Cochrane
      Solidoworks, Product Definition
        • Trim Surface Losing Selections?
          Charles Culp
          The model I am currently working on does this every time I edit anything above it in the FMT. Should I just send this model to Mark via email?

          And to answer in generalities with words:
          This always happens to me when I use mutual trim between two surface bodies that fully intersect each other. I will typically use mutual trim to trim each of the bodies in half. If I do this, then SW will very regularly "flip" which half to keep on both of the bodies. Because of this I often use two standard trims, instead of one mutual trim. With standard trims it really isn't an issue.
          • Trim Surface Losing Selections?
            Mark Matthews
            John, I just e-mailed you an example that I had sent to my VAR back in the middle of August. Shouldn't you have seen this already? I've looked at my SPR's and I see one for the same kind of problem, but I think that was a couple of years ago. This makes me concerned about bug reporting through VAR's.

            Anyway, the example I've sent doesn't need to have things change before it. Upon regen the trim flips. It doesn't alternate, but it doesn't keep the selection origianlly chosen.
            • Trim Surface Losing Selections?
              Kevin Quigley
              John would this also apply to solid trim with surface operations as well? I frequently get sides of cut flipping after making edits later in the tree.