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Assembly-Drawing reference looks correct but doesn't work?

Question asked by Eric S. on Aug 23, 2016
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I have a large instrument assembly with many sub-assemblies and parts. I have created drawings for parts as well as some assemblies (i.e. sheet metal part + PEM nuts). These work fine and we've gone through many revisions without any hiccups. We are currently using Solidworks 2016.


However, I recently wanted to re-name all of our parts to strictly part numbers (as opposed to part number - description)... and now I'm getting some strange results. I've attached some pictures to explain what I'm seeing. It would be awesome if someone could point out where I've failed...


1) I click on a part on the tree and click on "Open Drawing". [PICTURE ATTACHED]

2) The "Open" window appears. This is the first sign that something isn't right.

3) If I select the assembly I am interested in and click "References", I can see that the drawing is referencing the correct assembly and part. [PICTURE ATTACHED]

4) Now if I open the drawing, it looks exactly as it should. So.... [PICTURE ATTACHED; I shrunk it to blur some stuff]


I can save the drawing, save the assembly, and save the super-assembly... and every time I do this and try to open the drawing by clicking on the assembly (shown in 1), it prompts me to locate the drawing file. What's going on? Am I crazy?


I am trying to Pack-and-Go the super-assembly as we've finished changes for a new revision, and I noticed with another similar assembly (a smaller instrument) that some drawings were not being linked and pack-n-go'd. I had to go back and re-establish references to those, and then the Pack-and-Go worked.  But it doesn't seem like its working this time...


Any assistance would be great, thanks so much in advance!