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Shell feature to create Sheet Metal part causes long rebuild times

Question asked by Will Murphy on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by Solid Air

I have used this method several times in the past and was taught by experience SolidWorks users. I create a boss extrusion of my desired geometry and then shell the feature to leave what I would like to turn into a sheet metal feature. I then select a flat face and insert bends. Works like a charm. Issue is the last few times I have been experiencing extremely long rebuild times at the part level which is exponential at the assembly level.  I have done this multiple times over about 8 years and it seems to me that since 2015 the rebuild times of this style of part is taking longer and longer. Anyone notice similar issues. I work with assemblies that can exceed the 5000 part often up to 10,000 which I understand I will take a hit to performance and such especially with the companies I work for "model it to the real world no dummy parts" stance. I just can't have a modeling technique I use be a performance. We use large assembly mode and do not use SpeedPaks.