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How can I save custom properties (drawing) in a pdf-file with a macro?

Question asked by Thomas Schmidt on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by Yong Ning



I use the following macro to create a pdf file. I want to implement the custom properties from my drawing also into the pdf file.

Who can help me in adapting my macro?


Option Explicit

Dim swApp As Object

Dim Part As Object

Dim boolstatus As Boolean

Dim longstatus As Long, longwarnings As Long

Dim Filename As String


Sub main()


Set swApp = _



Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc

Dim myModelView As Object

Set myModelView = Part.ActiveView


Dim oModelDoc As ModelDoc2

Set oModelDoc = Part


Filename = oModelDoc.GetCustomInfoValue("", "Filename")


longstatus = Part.SaveAs3("C:\Output\" & Filename & ".pdf", 0, 2)

End Sub


Many thanks for your help