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Auto-populating 'DrawnBy'

Question asked by Philip Lane on Aug 24, 2016
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Can you help please?

I understand the way this works has changed in 2016 and currently, it isn't for me.

Trying to auto-populate the 'DrawnBy' entry in the DRW.

In the supplied vault (by the VAR) we havethe following for this filed -

Label - Created By

Assigned Vairable - Author

Drawing border property mapping - $PRP:"DrawnBy"

I have the Date (date drawn) working, and I have followed the variable route through from the workflow Transition Action, PDM Part & Drg cards, Part Template and Sheet format and tried about every combination I can imagine......still blank in the Drg after completing the Drg Data Card upon first save and check in.

If I use $PRPSHEET (which i've been told is wrong for this field), I can get 'Admin' to appear in the field as this is a set 'Value/Text Expression in the Part Template, but using $PRP , I cannot get it to work.

What is it that has changed in 2016 about Tempkates/Sheet formats?

Thank you.