Daen Hendrickson

Rebuild Problem Cut List by Deleting

Discussion created by Daen Hendrickson on Aug 23, 2016

I wanted to capture a "lesson learned" that will hopefully help someone else.


I created a weldment and had problems with some of the cut list data. One of the bodies would NOT properly create its cut list evaluated field. Namely, the equation for ANGLE2 was scrambled which in turn gave me garbage in my drawing cut list table.


I tried a number of things - forced rebuilds, roll back and forward, editing the structural member feature to recreate the body, deleting the structural member feature and remaking from scratch. I eventually raised the white flag and called my VAR. They saw the problem and went through all the steps I had tried without resolution. So they escalated it to SolidWorks.


The answer finally came back to "delete" the cutlist and remake. This never entered my mind as an avenue.


Right-mouse-click on the cut list and select "DELETE". All the weld icons and folders are replaced with cube icons like a non-weldment solid bodies folder. If you renamed your cutlist folders you will loose this information. If you renamed your cut list bodies, this information is retained. If you added cut list properties, this information is lost.


After deletion, RMC again and "UPDATE"e the list and it will be recreated into a weldment cut list. You will then need to restore any folder names and/or additional properties that were lost.


Depending on the complexity of your weldment, this may be an attractive option.