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Mates Fail Inconsistently and For No Reason

Question asked by M. B. on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by Manuel Robalino

Win10 SW2016 SP4 - I have working assembly mates that fail almost every time I change configurations, suppress or unsuppress other mates, or modify another mate.  Then, if I change things back to where they were before the mate failure, the mate(s) that worked before now fails.  To fix this I can modify the mate, delete a face from the mate selections list, re-select the exact same face I deleted, and the mate works.  This fixes the mate temporarily (including the other following mates) but then they fail again soon after.  This seems to indicate that the reference to a particular surface face (there are many different faces) gets lost.


I would also add that both assemblies and parts have hundreds of configurations controlled by design tables.  Unfortunately, I cannot post any files because of the proprietary design.  Any ideas what is going on or a workaround?