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How can I change detail view border color? (Drawing)

Question asked by Oppa Design on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by James Watkins

Hi guys!

I´m having trouble with solidworks detail view.

I need to change detail view border color, but the layer just change the circle color not both circle and border.


Things I have tried out:

  1. 1.    > System options > color > Drawing, vísible line (but it changes ether border line and the whole product line)
  2. 2.    > Layers > new > (set up as red)
  3. 3.    > Set layers as standart to work properly
  4. 4.    Here are some print screen to clarify my needs and to show how things were set up.

2 - Settings.jpg3 - Settings.jpg

Hope someone can help me with this task.



Victor Hugo.