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    Shared Favorites folder?

    Andreas Nielsen

      i am currently setting up our toolbox for solidworks 2016 and i was wondering if there where a way to create a folder similar to the new "favorite" folder but so that i could set it up for everyone instead of only myself.

      I know that it is possible to create a new folder in the configuration and just copy paste from ISO and DIN but as far as i know it is not possible to "link" the components (as in the "favorites" folder)


      i do not seem to be able to find any solutions on this on the internet / forums


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          Peter Brinkhuis

          I would really like to have that feature! The standard favorites are useful, but I'd like to share and sort them as well.


          I'm considering creating a product for it myself actually. I hope other people would find it useful.

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            Jody Stiles

            Hi guys,


            The Favorites are not meant to be shared.  They are meant to be individualized for a user much like your internet browser favorites.  If you want to tailor the view for multiple users, you can define what is shown through the Toolbox Settings interface and then place your Toolbox on a server.


            Now that I've said the above, you can copy the Favorites folder from one machine to another, pasting it in the same location on the new machine but everything has to be set up the same with regards to Toolbox.  If the paths are different or the enabled hardware does not match, you will get error flags on the shortcuts.



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                Andreas Nielsen

                Thank you for your answer, those two options where also the only two that i could figure. The problem with the first is that it currently is not possible (as far as i know) to "link" between the folders in the toolbox config menu. so to make a custom folder it requires that both the custom folder and the original is updated if changes where made to one of the components.

                The problem with the local "favorites" map is that, it is local, so any changes to the folder are local.

                i would love to see an option to make a "favorites" folder that everyone can eddit and updates whenever changes where made.

                Sincerely Andreas Nielsen