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Question asked by Andrew Overhage on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Andrew Overhage

I am creating a case for a power supply. I have all of the connectors and fuses and such constrained to where I want them in an assembly. I am trying to make a flat plate that has the cutouts for all of the connectors and displays. I know how to start the part in the assembly, but then I have problems. Is there a better way to sketch all of the holes than using convert entity on each and every connector? I know in CATIA you can just intersect a plane with all of the items and it will basically create the outline of where all of the selected items intersect the plane. I tried to use the intersect tool in solidworks, but it is always greyed out when I try to use it, so I am probably missing something. Or is there a better way that I'm not thinking of?


I have attached the assembly and components below.


I would appreciate any advice!