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Export DXFs from multi-body sheetmetal part macro?

Question asked by Campbell Dear on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Campbell Dear

Hi guys,


We have many similar parts with the same two sheetmetal bodies. The body names are identical part to part. Some of the parts have multiple configurations, some don't, which is based on required custom cutouts. Each part has a "Front" & "Back" config custom property I need to name the DXFs to.


Currently I go into each part and right click each body >"Export to DXF / DWG" and name manually. With our other single-body parts I have macros that export DXF's named by various custom properties and would love to do the same with these!


Is there a way in the API to export a DXF from a specific body? Even any pointers towards other macros or bits of code (VBA preferably) would be fine, I can cobble the rest together with enough late nights


Much appreciated!