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Cannot split mold with a complex parting line

Question asked by Sean Crawford on Aug 20, 2016
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I am trying to create a complex mold and I am still very new to this so hopefully someone can help.  I have not been able to use the SW mold tools as the parting line is complex; however, I manually created a parting surface with some surface lofts.  I can create the cavity in the mold block without issue, but when I try to split the cavity with my created parting surface it says 'The body cannot be split by selected tool(s)'. I also tried the Cut With Surface tool, but the says operation failed due to geometric condition.


I am assuming there must be something wrong with the parting surface that I have created. As with simpler geometry, I can get it to work.  Can anybody shed any light on how to fix what I have or what is wrong with my approach?  The file is attached.


I appreciate any help, Thanks!