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    Computer Hardware

    Chris Wurtele

      Hey everyone,

      I know that this opens up a big can of worms but, I have to ask. Does anyone have any experience Good or Bad with XI computers? Battery Life, Build Quality, Durability, Support? Specifically the PowerGo 15/7 and PowerGo XT. This is for a student that wants a quality laptop and a reasonable price.


      These are what he is looking at.

      PowerGo : i7-6700hq, 32gb of ram, Nvidia gtx 965m, and a Samsung 950 pro, in the 15.6 chassis with a 1080p display.

      PowerGo 15/7 : i7-6820hk, Nvidia gtx 1070 8gb, 16gb of ram, and a 512 gb Samsung 950pro, all in the 15.6 chassis with a 1080p display with gsync.

      PowerGo XT : i7-6700, gtx 1060, 16gb of ram, and a 512 gb Samsung 950pro, all in the 15.6 chassis with a 1080p display



      Thank you in advance for your constructive advice.


      Chris Wurtele

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          Fred Zobel

          Gaming cards are not supported.  While the price may be there, experience has shown me issues with gaming cards.  If they're putting money into it, I would stay away as there's no way to guarantee performance with the GeForce/Radeon cards.

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            Christian Chu

            please read this

            we use BOXX system for all SW seats here and I'm not familiar with XI computer; however, XI builds computers for 3D software so he'd better pick a low-end 3D computer (which was tested and verified by application engineers) and customize it up to his budget

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              Patrick Couture

              If he's a student and he is willing to live with the crashes that may or may not happen with the gaming card while using SolidWorks I would not advise against it. Of course if he was starting a company and he has to bill his hours then I would advise paying the price for a professional card.


              From the specs I'm assuming he is more interested in a good gaming rig that would be used for SolidWorks than the other way around.