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    anybody try the gtx1070/1080 cards yet?

    Matt Furches

      Anyone used either one of these cards with sw yet? I want one for VR but I also need to be able to use the computer for modeling.

        • Re: anybody try the gtx1070/1080 cards yet?

          I'm using a GeForce GTX1070 laptop version on an ASUS ROG with an i7-6700.  It seems to work fine, but SolidWorks Rx is angry about it because there's no specific driver for my version (2016).  Resource Monitor pops up on the system tray every 1-2 minutes saying I'm low on memory (I'm definitely not).  So it seems to work ok but without specific driver support SolidWorks is angry.


          No crashes or instability whatsoever, though.