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Question asked by Mike Price on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Mike Price

Hi all,


So I'm getting more involved with EPDM here where I work.  I am not extremely familiar with it at the moment so please be patient I have looked in the forum and didn't see a concrete example of how to insure the latest version is procured when checking out a file.  I personally have been burnt by this and would like to prevent this from happening for all users.


Is there a software method that is reliable for insuring that the latest version of a file is procured?


Also, can someone please explain to me if I am logged into the vault, how would I be able to even have a prior version and not the latest version of a file.  My understanding is that when I "get" a file, I get a locally cached version of that file and am not looking at the actual file in the vault, but a local copy.  So, if I then check out the file, I am checking out the local version and not necessarily the latest version.......?