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mates in mirrored componants

Question asked by Philip Antoniou on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Eric Blankinship

The assembly below is my 4x4 buggy. I built the right-side wheel & suspension assembly (wishbones, wheels, hubs etc) and then used the mirror function to mirror them to create the left-side wheel and suspension. All was well. I put in my steering rack and then added the links to connect the steering rack to the wheel hubs. All was still well. Then I changed the configuration of the steering rack from centred, to "right lock", i.e. the position that it would go in if the steering wheel was turned full right. At that point the mates went red and the left wheel, instead of turning right, turned left. I can see there's some options that can be selected in the mirror feature, maybe one of them needs to be adjusted so that the wheels can both steer with the steering rack?