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Save As problems with font

Question asked by Modestas Vaicekauskis on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by Paulius Sprindys

Haribol, Everyone,


I have problem with solidworks. When I have file name with Lithuanian characters, for example ęčėšįęų.SLDDRW   And when I do normal save As PDF function form menu In the end I get  PDF file name which looks like this:  жилрбжш.PDF  So some how, file name it's turned to Russian Cyrillic. But when I try save As DWG everything is ok, ęčėšįęų.DWG.


When I use Deepak Gupta macro it's the same situation. The pdf file name is wrong, and the dwg is ok.

The PDF Properties show this information. Title is the same like ęčėšįęų.SLDDRW , but the file name is change.


So any suggestions how to solve this bug?  Have a nice day everyone