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"The Installation Manager encountered a problem with the Microsoft Web Browser control and must be shut down"

Question asked by Connor Craigie on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by Connor Craigie

This continues to pop-up. I have actually spent nights Googling trying to fix this. I spent a good three hours tonight alone. I have tried to email a solid works support rep but they have all ignored me. I am a windows user and I don't understand why this is happening... It has never done so before and I have downloaded this software multiple times on multiple computers. I am a student in advanced engineering courses and have many design concepts I need to 3D print. Getting this program on my new computer is incredibly important.


This is the Error:

Error SW.png

Just before that error appears this error shows up also:

Error 2 SW.png

Any help at all on this subject would be incredibly appreciated. I really need it.


-Thank You