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modal time history truncates to 64 time pts (Pro ver)

Question asked by chris horley on Sep 23, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2008 by chris horley
I am running 64 bit XP with 16 Gb installed. I have a short 0.12 sec "chirp" time history, but the code is only using the first 64 pts. No erors are generated and the stucture vibrations continue to damp out well past the truncated waveform load making it appear that the load is still active. It is not.

I have a service request in, but to date COSMOSWORKS is only acknowledging that this a ploting error. Anyone with any similar experience and any possible suggestions?

Just to ck out the limitations, I changed time steps and stretched out the time too, but still the same - only 64 pts accepted. I can verify this by looking at the absolute accel/vel/displacement time histories on the fixed boundry condition where the load accecerations are applied.