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Macro to add a custom property PartNo to each of the components dependent of the type of the component and position in Assembly or Sub assembly

Question asked by Marko Rebec on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by Keith Rice

Hi ,


Is there a macro that runs through the assembly tree and adds a custom property (like PartNo) to the parts and assembly in a way that a subassembly parts ( or subassembly ) take prefix number of a subassembly that they belong to (upper assembly)? Is that possible?

And how can you follow the feature tree with the numbers.I tried to repair a Traverse Assembly at Component Level Example macro and works fine with top level components but not the parts in subassembly (except the numbers do not follow the assembly tree).

What I would like IS :

Top Assy->01-2016

Sub Assy->01-2016-001







Thank you in advance fo any answer.