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    Macro to add a custom property PartNo to each of the components dependent of the type of the component and position in Assembly or Sub assembly

    Marko Rebec

      Hi ,


      Is there a macro that runs through the assembly tree and adds a custom property (like PartNo) to the parts and assembly in a way that a subassembly parts ( or subassembly ) take prefix number of a subassembly that they belong to (upper assembly)? Is that possible?

      And how can you follow the feature tree with the numbers.I tried to repair a Traverse Assembly at Component Level Example macro and works fine with top level components but not the parts in subassembly (except the numbers do not follow the assembly tree).

      What I would like IS :

      Top Assy->01-2016

      Sub Assy->01-2016-001







      Thank you in advance fo any answer.