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    Cutlist Table Equation Entry - Is there a faster way?

    Daen Hendrickson

      I am using SW2014 SP5.


      I am adding a column to my drawing cut list with a calculated value - multiply the value of the quantity cell by the value in the length cell - easy as PIE!


      Except I have a LONG cut list and I can't seem to apply this equation to the entire column. Is there an easier way than manually entering the equation syntax in each and every row?





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          Rob Edwards

          Hi Daen

          I'm cruising the forum trying learn more about cutlists and stumbled on your old question, which I just worked out

          I'm pretty unsteady with this whole area just yet but

          I think you have to use a BOM cutlist, not a weldment cutlist, then you can add a column equation.

          The far right column is the TOTAL LENGTH cut list property.  Notice it is different to my calculated Total Length, it is the Total Total if you like.

          Im on SW15SP4


          Better late than never, might help someone else