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    EPDM remove workflow states

    Loui Leclerc

      Hey guys,


      I am trying to find a way to remove old states, I know you can't remove them from the workflow from the admin tool because they are called by a file or it's history.

      I am wondering if their is a way to trick it to thinking it is not used. I mean if I go to the SQL database, and edit the history logs to remove these traces, would this work?


      What happens is that most of the workflows are "contaminated" in that the previous admin would just create more states and remove transitions from the previous ones. I also have some workflows with "old " in the name to identify some test workflows that were actually used on a production vault.


      Here is an example of a useless Workflow (I have the same in the live workflows)



      Thank you

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          Craig Schultz

          I think you have to destroy the files that have been in those states.  It's one of the most frustrating things about the workflows.

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              Loui Leclerc

              Yeah, I know about that method... but I would much rather see if I can get the states ID from SQL, and tell the file logs that the ID, say 10 (state old approved) is actually 12 (state approved). I think this should resolve the issue.


              Anyone tried something like this?

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                  Steve Ostrovsky

                  You can certainly do that, but you could cause some serious problems behind the scenes. The Stored Procedures are encrypted so you don't know what they are referencing. If you make SQL edits that affect these SPs you can only imagine what could happen. SolidWorks also heavily, heavily frowns on users doing anything more than Select statements out of the SQL Database.


                  Read a little more of why in S-011756.


                  I would contact your VAR and have them formally go through SolidWorks so they are aware of what you're trying to do in case there are problems. They can also advise where else the State ID may be used.