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faulty interference detection in case of patterned wholes with cosmetic threads

Question asked by Simon Kószó on Aug 17, 2016

I have just started to get familiar with the Interference Detection function in Solidworks. However in the first couple trying I found something which seems to me a bug.


I attached a simple assembly containing only two type of parts, a box and several screws. In the box there are two original hole (1-1 in two oppsite side of the box) with ISO M4x1.5 cosmetic thread. I used linear pattern to create the other holes (5-5 in each side). Afterward I inserted two screw in the two original whole and applied derived pattern to insert all the screws.


When I ran the Interference Detection I clicked "Create Matching Cosmetic Threads Folder" option and I saw something strange. Only two interferences were collected into this folder: Those  ones which contained the original two holes. The other interferences which belongs to the patterned  holes were not identified as a matching threads


I tried to insert a screw without pattern into a hole which was created by pattern function: the same problem happened: solidworks did not recognize as a matching threads. However when I created a hole in the box individually (so not with pattern) and afterward I inserted a screw in the hole with a properly configured linear pattern in the assembly the interference was recognized as a matching threads.


Well after this strange behavior I am quite sceptic about whole Interference Detection function. As I saw this whole recognition of matching threads works only if both the screw and the nut contain exactly the same cosmetic thread. Therefore I need to review my whole CAD database where I collected my fasteners and modify all the parts. Obviously I don't want to do this huge job if I have any doubt about the functionality of the Interference Detection.


I use SW2014 SP5.0.  Have anybody experienced anything like this in SW2016?


Thanks in advance for any answer: