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3d spline curve driven pattern on 3D surfaces.

Discussion created by John Vard on Sep 23, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2008 by 1-GDXXBU
Hi all,

I have a quick question re curve driven pattern in 3D, similar to many posted already on this site, but none of them address the problem of multiple faces. I have a 3D spline that "wraps" around a 3D large solid (but isnt a closed spline, more like a spiral), the solid has multiple faces, overwhich the spline passes. I am trying to pattern an small irregular 3d feature on the large solid, along this spline pattern.

Everything works, except I cannot get the small feature to be tangent orientated to the spline, i.e if i select "allign to seed" the feature appears patterned and spaced correctly, but oriented wrong. And if I select "tangent to Curve" alignment method, I cannot get the pattern to appear.

Also, the face normal does not allow me to select multiple faces, or a stitched surface of all the multiple faces. It is critical that my patterned features are normal to the surface where they are positioned.

My problem is similar to the Help file details on "Face normal (For 3D curves only). Select the face on which the 3D curve lies to create the curve driven pattern" where a pattern of stubs is created on a spline around a cylinder. ( ). However my "cylinder" is made up of multiple faces (of a solid body).

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated

John (solidworks 2007)