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    Onscreen keypad

    Tony Cerniglia
      I am adding this a second time to hopefully have this re-looked at by all. The PDF shows clearly what my intent is. I know it is "different" from what many of you are used to. Please refrain from negative comments if you have never used this type of input before. If it gets added to the interface, you will not be required to use it.

      I do apologise for the all caps in the previous thread....didn't realize that was "yelling". At worst I thought it more like a "Billy Mays" infomertial. Sorry.

      The reference number for this ER is: 192785
      Please submit ER's for our productivity.

      Thanks again to all!!!!!
        • Onscreen keypad
          Albert Whatmough
          It looks cool to me... I must say though I woudl find it faster to lift my hand up and place in on the numberpad connected to my key bord just inches away from my mouse. If you don't want to lift you hand of your mouse you coudl always get a USB numberpad and use it with your left hand. I had Also thought that it would be great for 3DConnection to add a numberpad to the SpacePilot!!