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Deboss/Emboss on complex, organic, 3D face

Question asked by Austin Prater on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by Dave Bear

Hi there:

Alright, I submit to the mercy of the solidworks gods. After a few hours worth of attempts, I've officially decided to turn to the swcommunity for support. Currently, my goal is to increase the depth of the groove(s) on the part mold by 0.2" while maintaining the semi-circular contour (embossing the exterior of the groove or debossing the groove itself-- either options are fine). The major issue exists in that the faces of my groove are not merged together, which is quite frustrating because they are all tangent. I've tried a number of methods so far, but to no avail. The sheer messy complexity of the features and overall mold makes it that much more frustrating (not to mention demanding of my laptop).


-Tried converting the groove into a sketch and projecting it onto the curvature of the part but it doesn't seem to like this (perhaps the edge constraints create an issue?)

-I tried making a single knitted surface from the faces within the groove, and attempted to do an extruded cut 'offset from surface', but again, it has trouble recognizing all of the groove faces at once.

-Tried a few other less accurate methods, such as doing a simple extruded cut and filleting the edges, but even this is increasingly difficult due to the complexity of the shape.


I'm thinking that another option could be to make an oval sketch profile (circle elongated by 0.2") and then having it do a swept cut throughout the length of the groove, but I can't seem to figure out a way to accurately make a 'spline onto surface' (as the cut path) to accomplish this effectively.


I'd really prefer to not go back and alter the part itself, so that the mold is deeper, seeing as that will put me back at square one (and I have five more of these to do, all of which are slightly different).


Note: You can spot the geometry of the part much better if you go to View > Display > Tangent edges removed


Any help is appreciated and I formally acknowledge the unwavering wisdom of whoever can solve this problem!