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SolidWorks Inspection - Export with macro-enabled template or import using macro-enabled template

Question asked by Eric Johnson on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by Eric Johnson

Currently at work we have a Inspection sheet which has multiple macros which save to various locations.  Solidworks Inspection (the add-in) allows us to auto-fill much of this document.  The only problem is that it must be a Excel (Non-Macro) Template to export from SW Inspection.  This means we have to export the information from Inspection then resave as Macro-Enabled Workbook.  Then copy and paste the Macro's that we want from the original document.  Is there any way to export from inspection using a macro-enabled template or possible make a macro within excel that will import the same data that is exported from the SolidWorks Inspection drawing.


Thanks for any help!


Eric Johnson