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saving workflow in pdm admin tool results in hang that eventually effects all users!

Question asked by Barry Cavanaugh on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Charley Saint

with pdm pro 2016 SP3, is anyone experiencing a situation in which a save of a workflow in the admin tool results in a "hung" admin tool session that then hangs up the entire production pdm system?


My workflow is not particularly large. Also, while I am "building up" the workflow I can successfully save it throughout the day until at some point I experience the hang condition. The effect is limited to just the admin tool for about 20 minutes, then from there all the users start calling me, telling me that pdm pro isn't responding. The moment I kill the admin tool everything comes back to life and the crisis is resolved.


I have attached a picture of the WF. yes, there are a few transitions with the same name, but that is intended, desired, and allowed from what I understand so I'm hoping that isn't the problem...

my sql server has its own dedicated server with 4 cores and 20 GB RAM, so I doubt it is a performance issue, but I could be wrong? I have used sql profiler and while the admin tool is hung I can still see all of the traffic from the other users...