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Setting display states/Configurations in multi-body part in a multi level assembly

Question asked by Colleen Christie on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by Colleen Christie

I have a multi level assembly with base feature being a multi body part (I create the multibody part, then add various items at different assembly levels).  I am having difficulty getting display states/configurations set up to show the items I want at the top level.


My model is an architectural structure.  The multibody part is the "structure" with all the walls including studs ( I am hoping to make this to be a template for all my future structures as they are all relatively the same).  In the next level I add the doors and windows and do the cuts to remove the studs I do not require.  I then create a top level where I add all the finishing item (toilets, sinks, etc).


In the top level I want to have 2 display states/configurations; 1 to show with all the studs, and one to show with the studs removed.


I can set the display states in the base structure to show how I want, but once i go into the next levels, and create a confuguration or display state I can't get the same result.  If I create a configuration and set it to the 'no studs' display state, that changes in all configurations.  What ever I show/hide in the solid bodies folder changes in all the display states/configurations.


Is is possible to do what I need with a multibody part? Am I doing something wrong?


I have done this same thing using a weldment as my base part( because I think that a weldment is a better option than a multibody part), but unfortunately I had issues with the display style in my drawings (several of my views would disapper unless I set them to a shaded style) so it was not feasible to use.


Thanks for any input!