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Sw 2016 SP 04 updates

Question asked by Paul Risley on Aug 16, 2016

I would sincerely like to thank the team @ Solidworks for the changes released w/ this service pack. The look and feel of the product along with the day to day functionality is greatly improved.

Primarily something as simple as removing the midpoint selector for lines has greatly improved the feel of the designing side of the software.

Also the colors on the icons are much easier to read quickly in bigger assemblies.

Overall I am very happy with the new updates in conjunction with the functionality of the product.

Now I am just looking forward to getting into 2017, I am interested to see how the native file reads will work since most of our clients work in Catia and Creo.

Again I thank you guys for listening to us as customers and modifying your product to meet the demands of the customer.