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    vineet kumar sharma
      Has anyone got any experience with having products scanned in 3D for surfacing/modelling in SolidWorks? If so, what type of laser scanner/system was used (I'm not sure if there are different methods etc) and also what format did the company provide you with? Any further info would be hugely appreciated!
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          Marc Meyer
          We recently had a product scanned. The vendor used a FARO Arm (Platinum) with the laser scanner attachment. They processed the point cloud data into surface data and sent us an IGES file. Worked nicely.
          - Marc
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            Kevin Quigley
            I use a NextEngine scanner which I did play with Scan to 3D with during the 2009 beta (I'm a standard license holder so scan to 3D is no longer in use). To be honest there are very few applications that handle the cloud data well, and virtually none that will automate a surface. I tend to use the scan data as a guide to surface creation. Rhino is great for slicing up the point cloud and creating curves that can be surfaced in Rhino or exported as 3D sketches into SolidWorks and used there.

            Scan to 3D is good for this as well - it handles the point cloud data from the Next Engine scanner well - but as its only available as part of premium and well premium is a big premium here in the UK I can't justify the cost (put it another way, for the difference in price, I can buy the RapidWorks module for the NextEngine scanner for SolidWorks - and that IS great, the 3 year subs package add on, and a copy of Rhino and enough left over to have a really good night out!).